Dr. John Castiglioni, D.O.

Dr. John Castiglioni has practiced medicine for over 44 years. He became interested in Complementary Medicine, specifically the integration of his medical background and the methods involved in Cranial Sacral Therapy. He studied CST under Dr. John Upledger, the founder of Cranial Sacral Therapy at his West Palm Beach Clinic. Additionally, he is a Reiki Master which integrates the Energy Therapy of Reiki with the structural realignment of CST. He often uses both modalities to synergistically help clients.

Dawn Illg-Short, L.M.T.

Dawn Illg-Short, LMT, has been in practice and studying bodywork for the past eleven years. She recently moved here from the Central Coast of California. Dawn has worked with hundreds of clients in assisting their bodies in reaching their optimal level of health and well-being. Specializing in CranioSacral, Ortho-Bionomy and Massage Therapies, she combines these bodywork techniques to release deep restrictions within the body that are causing pain, discomfort, stress, and lack of mobility, all without causing pain to the body. Dawn is passionate about life and the work she does and enjoys working and educating others on how to live comfortably within themselves. She recently went from being a single woman to a wife and Step-Mom of three. She enjoys spending time with her new family, walking in nature, exploring new places here on the East Coast and reading a good book.