Women’s Health Physical Therapy is a specialized field within the profession that addresses medical disorders unique to women. These problems affect women of all ages and result from a wide variety of causes. A Women’s Health Physical Therapist has the advanced knowledge of female anatomy and physiology that is required to appropriately treat these patients.

Commonly seen diagnoses

• Pelvic floor dysfunction (bowel and bladder disorders)
• Interstitial cystitis
• Pelvic floor organ prolapse
• Urinary incontinence including urgency, frequency, retention
• Pelvic pain (pain in lower abdomen and pelvic region)
• Dyspareunia- painful sex
• Pelvic Floor muscle spasms
• Vaginismus
• Vulvar Vestibulitis
• Vulvodynia
• Musculoskeletal
• Osteoporosis
• Post Mastectomy
• Hysterectomy
• Endometriosis

Prenatal /Post-Partum care

During this special time in a women’s life, there are problems that can occur that are specific to pregnancy and the time period after delivery. Not all pain should be considered “Normal” and we can reduce your pain and make you more comfortable during this time. We can also help you recover and regain your strength and function following delivery.

Typical treatments include

Manual Therapy – Connective tissue manipulation, Strain- Counterstrain , Myofascial release, muscle energy techniques.
Therapeutic Exercises – pelvic floor exercises (kegels), core stabilization, and stretches.
Neuro-muscular Re-education – balance, postural awareness, and activities that require one on one facilitation.
Modalities – Class IV laser, Electric Stimulation, Biofeedback training,
Patient Education– – Bladder re-training, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques