Woodstown Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab is an independently owned private practice with locations in Woodstown and Mullica Hill, NJ. We stress quality of care – focusing on each patient’s unique needs, allowing us to achieve the optimal results that our patients deserve. We begin with a thorough assessment that identifies all physical factors contributing to the problem (not just the area of pain). Then, in collaboration with each patient and their referring physician, we design a treatment plan with concrete goals and clear time frames.

We emphasize the importance of manual therapy and hands-on treatment to initiate productive movement in problem areas. Treatment will also utilize therapeutic exercises and modalities such as cryotherapy and electric stimulation. Over the course of a few visits, we monitor improving condition and progress your treatment. We also help evaluate contributing factors from your environment and activities (e.g., your sports technique, your work station setup, your shoes, body mechanics, etc.) that may be contributing to your condition.

We conclude every treatment plan by teaching specific exercises or other things you can do for optimum long-term benefit as part of a home exercise program.

Ultimately, Woodstown Physical Therapy works to empower our patients to independently manage their own health and ability. We are passionate about what we do, which directly translates into an exceptional rehabilitation experience for our patients.

Woodstown Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab Center Mt Laurel, Moorestown, Swedesboro & Harrison Township NJ