Why You Should Treat a Joint Injury Right Away

Moving, jumping, running, and getting around are daily activities we take for granted until we experience pain in these areas. Your joints are vital for your health and should be treated urgently and respectfully.

The qualified team at Woodstown Physical Therapy of Woodstown, NJ, is proud to serve the community with outstanding physical therapy services, including treating joint injuries, which can restore your confidence and quality of life.

What is a Joint Injury?
Your joints connect many different parts of your body together. A joint injury can complicate the movement and structure of your ligaments, bones, muscles, and even the joint itself. A joint injury reduces mobility and can come in the form of a sprain and strain or a complete dislocation and tear.

What Happens if a Joint Injury is Left Untreated?
Although it can initially seem confusing and uncomfortable, contacting a professional physical therapist urgently is imperative to diagnose the issue. Here are some common problems with delaying treatment:

Consistent Discomfort and Pain
Continuing to live with a joint injury causes a lot of discomfort and pain. The joint may heal improperly, affecting your long-term health and pain threshold.

Complications and Other Risks
After a joint injury, there is a window of time for properly setting the joint to heal and strengthen with exercise. Not treating your joint affects other body parts and can become a more significant issue if left to its own devices.

Reduced Functionality and Range of Motion
Joint injuries reduce your functionality and range of motion. It may restore itself over time, but without proper care and attention, it will not return to its original state.

Your Local Quality Physical Therapy Clinic
Get an accurate diagnosis of your unique situation with a professional physical therapist today. During your next visit with the skilled team at Woodstown Physical Therapy of Woodstown, NJ, you will receive the best care and guidance you and your family deserve.

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