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5 Common Physical Therapy Treatments

If you’re having trouble with movement, flexibility, or pain, physical therapy may be able to help. These therapies can treat a wide variety of health ailments.

In this post, we’ll talk about five common physical therapy treatments.

Manual therapy

This type of treatment involves hands-on techniques from a trained physical therapist. These experts use their hands and special tools to treat various areas of the body to reduce pain, increase mobility, and eliminate tightness.


While this treatment is something you can do on your own, physical therapists are trained on which exercises can cure your ailments. Furthermore, they have experience working with people with the same condition. Physical therapists will often prescribe in-office exercises to improve mobility and reduce pain, and they may also suggest at-home exercises.

Hot and cold therapy

Switching from hot therapy to cold therapy can help your body recover faster. Physical therapists often use hot and cold packs, including contrast baths, to encourage blood flow. This treatment can lead to less pain and inflammation, including a boost in mobility.

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Dry needling

This therapy involves the use of thin needles placed into your skin. While it may sound scary, dry needling is actually pretty painless. The needles are very thin, and they’re placed just below the top layer of skin. This treatment aims to relieve muscle tightness, pain, and inflammation.


Cupping is primarily used to boost circulation in the body. The process involves using small cups that create suction on your skin to treat pain, muscle tension, and more. Cupping therapy is even used to help with anxiety.

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